• Sustainable Leadership of Sport

Who we are

ONElabMilano is an organization that operates in the sport business world: an "open" work team that involves specialists with different professional skills based on the project to be implemented.

ONElabMilano works alongside customers, in partnership with them, with the shared goal of creating value from, in, and for sport.

Sport is an expression of ethical values and principles. It is an area in cui si pratica una sana competizione, in which healthy competition reigns and ensures physical and mental well-being. As a common language, it brings people together to break down cultural barrier. It is a place where excellent and highly diverse skills and experiences emerge. As an economic sector, it generates prosperity and work.

Sport leadership is the expression of these and other qualitiese.

By their very nature, Sport demonstrate a completely sustainable leadership, where sustainability is understood in the broadest sense of its various forms.

To be the inspirational engine for a workshop of ideas and projects to be carried out in collaboration with those who share this vision of sustainable leadership of sport.

To have a social and economic impact in a virtuous model of "being" and "playing" sport, linking institutions, universities, schools, businesses, the sport world, athletes, people, and other actors.

Sport Business

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Sports Club and Institutions

Business Partners

We believe in the strength of networking and alliances with people who share our values and goals.
We are convinced that forging a partnership means establishing a close relationship with our clients to satisfy their needs and desires.
We can guarantee our customers a wide range of services with the expected results through partnerships with top-level organizations and professionals.